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My wife and I recently went through a very bad experience at CarMax (and returning the car)  and not wanting to go through a standard dealership for a new car because of the higher prices even for Certified Pre-owned Then, by chance we came across NV Motors.
We never EVER thought a car buying experience can be so pleasant, without pressure and without frills as it was with Vache of NV Motors.
From introduction to searching for car options and the final acquisition, it was just 2 days. But in that 2 days, it was the most seamless process I have seen in the many car buying experiences I have had, even down to the signing of the paperwork and receiving our car.
This is a class act and an honest business and in the business of cars, that’s a very rare thing to come by. Fret carefully buying a car from anyone but know you are safe and in good hands with these guys!

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